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Who We Are

coconut coir in pot with plant
About Us

EarthScape USA is the leading manufacturer and distributor of premium coconut coir products in the United States. We are proud to say that our products come directly from our family-owned production facility in Sri Lanka. 

Since coconut coir can be purchased in different qualities, we have continually provided our customers with the highest quality of coconut coir at the most competitive prices. From coconut coir blocks to coconut coir grow bags to coconut coir bales we have options to make your growing successful.

Are you interested in buying in bulk to fit your needs and at a better price? We have you covered with our coconut coir containers and coconut coir pallets

We ARE​ the Alternative Solution...

Our mission is to support the agricultural and horticultural industry in the United States by promoting sustainable environments. We ARE the Alternative Solution to traditional agricultural methods. All of our products are 100% organic and completely biodegradable with no adverse effects to the environment. Our products are made to order and can be custom designed to fit your needs. 

field of coconut coir with empolyees

Our goal is to transform the United States growing industry on all levels. We are making our products available from the small home gardener to the mass producer of fruits, vegetables, and botanical plants. We seek to educate the grower on the sustainable qualities of coconut coir, in all its forms, comparable with any high quality soil, or any botanic substrate on earth.

empolyee holding a coconut husk with coconut pith
Did you know?


Did you know that we can save you a lot on shipping and storage expenses? Our STEMulate coconut coir can expand up to 9 times its original volume. What bag of peat moss or soil can do that?

hydrated coconut coir grow disk with plant

From root to tip, the coconut tree has always been used in a different ways throughout the ages and is widely recognized as the most useful tree on the planet. Coconut coir is obtained from the husk protecting the coconut, which is used for a variety of food products. The coir is then extracted from the husk, dried, and shredded and compressed in different forms. It’s strong fibers are also spun into rope which can be used as weed control and soil erosion products. The loose fibers can even be used as mattress padding or in composite plastics to give a lighter, stronger, and more natural looking product.

Our family owned production facility in Sri Lanka has been in operation for over 16 years and as a result, do not buy from secondary suppliers. This has helped us maintain excellent quality control as all of our products are made to order from our own facility. This is attested in all of our customer feedback, of which we are particularly proud.

The Difference?
coconut tree with mountain of coconut coir
Technical Advantages

Expands and retains 8-9 times its weight in water


High nutrient absorption capacity

Increases the porosity of dense soil and facilitates root penetration

High protective lignin content prevents the material from decaying easily

High moisture/air retention capacity while maintaining porosity affording plant protection from drying out in the summer and water logging during the winter

Can be used in the garden, commercial or domestic, as a growing medium, moisture retainer, soil conditioner, mulching agent, or root developer

Re-wets easily

Distributes fertilizer uniformly

Environmental Advantages

100% Organic

Completely Biodegradable

100% Renewable

Cost Effective

Non hazardous

Why Go Coco?
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