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Coconut Coir
Grow Bags - Standard

coconut coir grow bag with plants

Coconut coir grow bags are used for vegetable, fruit, and flower cultivation. The focus is on providing the correct mixture of the substrate to suit each individual crop. The coir is enclosed in a plastic bag with grip holes and plant holes. Drain holes are placed to meet your individual hydration system. In addition to the grow bags, there are some clients who also order coir planks which are used without the plastic bags.

The size and mixture of the grow bag are determined by the product being cultivated. Grow bags are an ideal medium to be used in a controlled greenhouse environment which can be irrigated with a drip hydration system.

Compression Ratio: 8:1

Compressed Sizes:

 Type A: 39.4 in x 6 in        (100 cm x 15 cm)  

 Type B: 39.4 in x 7.9 in     (100 cm x 20 cm)   

 Type C: 39.4 in x 11.8 in   (100 cm x 30 cm)  

Hydrated Heights available:

Bag will swell to one of the chosen hydrated dimensions

     3.0 in   (8.0 cm)

     4.7 in   (12 cm)

     6.0 in   (15 cm)   

     7.0 in   (18 cm)  

     7.9 in   (20 cm)   


Electrical Conductivity Levels: Low EC - fully washed

grow bags in greehouse with tomato plants
Did you know?


Did you know that Grow Bags are one of greenhouse growers favorite products? Due to their cost and time savings, growers find this is one of the best ways to commercially produce fruits and vegetables.

grow bags in greenhouse with small tomato plants
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