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Coconut Coir Based

geo-textiles on top of coconut fiber

Coconut coir based Geo-textiles, are effectively used for improving soil behavior, preventing soil erosion, and consolidating soil fertility. Coconut coir is a good water absorbent, and helps in establishing vegetation rapidly. Cocunut coir Geo-textiles allow excellent passage, conveying air, water and light which help in the deep rooting of plants. Moreover, they are easily installed and can also withstand human, or even animal movement, without deterioration.

Length:       9.8 ft - 164 ft (3 m - 50 m)     

Width:         3.2 ft - 9.8 ft  (1 m - 3 m)      

Eye Size:    0.4 in - 1.2 in (1 cm - 4 cm)    

Thickness:  0.4 in - 0.9 in  (1 cm - 2.5 cm) 

Did you know?


Did you know that our Geo-textiles are great at fighting soil erosion? Due to its high tensile strength and cost effectiveness, this is a great way to improve deterorating soil conditions.

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