"Nature's Most Advanced Organic Growing Medium"

Sustainable Future


STEMulate coconut coir is the eco-friendly alternative to peat moss with countless more benefits. We extract the pith and fibers from the husk of coconuts to save the environment!

Did you know?


Did you know that we can save you a lot of water? One 11 pound block of STEMulate coconut coir can abosorb up to 6 gallons of water. That is over 50 pounds of pure H2O! That's why our tomatos are so delicous...

Air to Water


Research has shown that our coconut coir has one of the highest air to water ratios when compared to any other growing medim. More oxygen equals larger and healthier roots. This unique charactersitc also reduces the risk of pathogen growth and water logging.

Organic Growing


We have made growing organic truly affordable for any sized grower. We can deliver our product anywhere in the world at unbeatable prices while maintaining our maximum quality. Enjoy the freedom of being able to grow organic fruits and 

vegetables anytime and from anywhere.


Phoenix, Arizona

Tel: 480-359-4769

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