Grow Bags - 6 Gallon

Coconut coir grow bags are used for vegetable, fruit, and flower cultivation. This grow bag is filled with 75% coconut coir and 25% coconut husk chips in order to ensure proper drainage for all plants. For growers that need additional drainage, the addition of husk chips eliminates the need for the addition of perlite. The coir is enclosed in a plastic bag with and open top. Drain holes are to be be easily cut by the grower, as required, to meet individual drainage requirements. 


Grow bags are an ideal medium to be used in a controlled greenhouse environment which can be irrigated with a drip hydration system. This bag will actually swell up to 8 gallons!

Compression Ratio: 8:1

Compressed Size:

11 in x 11 in x 7.3 in (28 cm x 28 cm x 18.5 cm)


Hydrated Size:

13 in x 13 in x 11.4 in (33 cm x 33 cm x 29 cm)   


Hydrated Volume:

6 gal/ .8 cubic feet (22.7 Liter)


Electrical Conductivity Levels: Low EC - fully washed


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