Coconut coir disks are a carefully blended, potting soil mixture (completely tailored to your plants and situation if necessary). The coir is dried and compressed into a compact disk, with a special hole for a plug where appropriate.

When hydrated, the disk swells up to produce the required potting soil mixture. All you need to do is place the disk in a container and the water will do the rest. The disks are available in various sizes or can also be tailored according to your specifications.​

Compression Ratio: 8:1


​Compressed Sizes:

2.5in Diameter x 0.98in Thick (7 cm Diameter x 2.5 cm Thick)  


7in Diameter x 0.98in Thick (18 cm Diameter x 2.5 cm Thick) 


Electrical Conductivity Levels: Low EC - fully washed

Did you know?


Did you know that Disks are great for potted plants? Just place one disk per pot, fill with water, and let it expand.



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